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“For two months I was walking around in pain and having difficulty sleeping at night because of my leg injury. Mary offered a relaxing combination of acupuncture and massage therapy. That was the first night I slept pain free in months. Mary is experienced in a several different techniques and was able to create a stretching and strengthening program specifically designed for my needs. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone. She is a kind and caring person who chooses to use her time, ability and wisdom and ability to help those in need. Thanks, Mary, for caring.” ­– R.E.


“I saw Mary for insomnia and shoulder pain from an injury. She was able to target the source of my pain through a combination of acupuncture, cupping, and deep tissue massage. My shoulder pain resolved through combination of her treatments and a strengthening and stretching program. My insomnia improved, and I have been able to sleep through the night and feel much more rested and balanced during the day.”  – J.T.


“Gifted. I have received bodywork of many modalities for the past 25 years. I went to Mary because my back had seized up. Mary's session was amazing. Within 30 minutes of the session I could tell things were shifting. That night, I slept! (The three nights prior, I got little sleep, since no position was comfortable.) I awoke the next morning 75% better, and within three days was at 90%/ Thanks, Mary – you are awesome! You are one of the most talented practitioners I have ever been to!” – A.B.

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